November 12, 2015

Conair Cold Wet Hair Rescue

But of course the dog needs to be walked as soon as you get out of the shower on a cold autumn day! Yes, this recently happened to me and I was reminded of one of those things I left behind when moving me and my dog across the country a few months ago ... my hair dryer!

You see, no matter how one maximizes space when packing a car, not much fits in a little Honda Civic. Friends have been eager to assist in helping me to replace necessities left behind but I figure I packed me, my dog, and my computer--so what else could I possibly need? Well, every now and again something points out a need.

Walking the dog in below forty degrees with wet hair reminded me of that blow dryer I left behind. The next time a friend asked me what I needed I didn't hesitate to say, "A blow dryer! So I don't freeze my head off all winter!"

So here I am fresh out of the shower with my new Conair for my cold wet hair!

Conair to the rescue!

It just so happens that the day the package arrived was another chilly one so it came in handy for another drying of the hair before I walked my dog Valentino in the cool night air! Oh ... That delightful Fleece Sweatshirt in Galapogos Blue I am wearing in the picture was also included with my Conair. Christmas came early for me, yippee!

Nothing could be finer than to be warmed by gifts born of friendship.


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