May 24, 2015

Spanish Bayonet White Yucca Flowers

Spanish Bayonet Postcard by abitosunshine
Enjoy rainy day views of the various stages of a flowering yucca plant, but do beware the tips of greenery on this Spanish Bayonet.

Walking with my dog on a typical north Florida rainy day I found the yuccas in their spring bloom throughout the neighborhood. One particular plant grouping was most impressive as its white Yucca flowers were in various stages of development all at once.

An up-close view shows the plant's flowers white with a bit of purple bleeding through and quite fragrant too. When gazing at this floral beauty its softness belies the prickly tips of the yucca's green leafage.

Do not be fooled into getting close to those bayonet-like spikes — ouch! Even my dog Valentino knows to steer clear of this Spanish Bayonet.

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