April 23, 2015

Chasing Black Swallowtail Butterfly

Black Swallowtail butterflies aplenty have flown across my path this past week. A few finally landed upon honeysuckle long enough to be captured on camera. Sweetness!

While walking my dog Valentino yesterday I was delighted to find a half dozen of the Black Swallowtails fluttering wildly around a honeysuckle bush in full bloom. Now to keep my dog still so that one or more might land in front of the eye of my cell phone camera. (Valentino was a good boy and stood still!)

First to land was one of the Eastern Black Swallowtails, with "tails" pretty much hidden behind the leaves, unfortunately. Still, you can see it is a black beauty.

Best of all was being able to capture the Giant Swallowtail butterfly, which I have been chasing for two years now. I finally caught it in a shot worthy of sharing!

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I so enjoy chasing butterflies while walking my dog in the north Florida sunshine! Are you a butterfly chaser too?

April 20, 2015

Walking In Sunshine Wildflowers

When you wake up to stormy weather just take an early morning walk and you are sure to find a bit o' sunshine along your way.

On our first walk of a morning my dog Valentino and I found ourselves walking in a light rain with thunder rolling in the background. Needless to say I was in search of sunshine!

Valentino walked right into (and almost pawed upon) a patch of Florida wildflowers Yes, there is always a bit o' sunshine to be found peekin' out o' the clouds!

This pair of sunny yellow flowers is from the Aster family. They are Coreopsis Lanceleaf, more commonly known as Tickseed. (No icky ticks here!)

Walking On Sunshine

The showy wildflowers had me immediately singing in the rain, the song — Walking On Sunshine.

You may remember the movie and recall the song. If not, you can find the original motion picture soundtrack online.

I am including two video versions of the tune for your listening pleasure as a walk down musical memory lane.

Song sung by Katrina & The Waves

Eddy Grant song version

Which version of the song shall you sing while walkin' in sunshine?

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April 15, 2015

Seeing Red Florida Flower Power

A mid-morning walk with my dog here in the Florida Panhandle had me seeing red, mostly wild flowers growing out of the sandy scrub soil amid forest greenery.

Red is a powerful color that evokes a variety of strong emotions. Of late, I find myself in a mindset that welcomes the intensity of red flower power. My feelings run the gamut from excitement to agitation and on to the ever-present power of love.

Click the pictures for a larger bright red view.

As you can see, even my dog Valentino enjoyed the adventurous hunt for red flowers. He sniffed for bunny rabbits in the bushes as he rushed me from one natural display of red to the next. Naturally, we had to stop to admire the red beauty of the Bottlebrush Tree and its determined spirit.

A lovingly tended floral display in a neighboring front yard produced a brilliant red rose. But of course, that led us to the power of love!

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What do you feel when you see red?

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