January 18, 2015

Sunset Silence

Taking in the softly lit sky and coastline beneath the setting sun, I heard the silence whispering in the wind. Can you hear it?

Sunset Sea of Silence Body Pillow
Sunset Sea of Silence Body Pillow by abitosunshine
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The soothing sounds of silence of a setting sun over the Gulf of Mexico create ambient grooves that move a spirit to a place of serenity like none other. The sky sets the mood for the day's drudgery to drift away, smothered by the sea.

The sky beckons me to touch the dim reflections of the day as they wash out to sea, with mind, body, and soul cleansed by nature's artistry. As the sunset closes the day I am able to hear the promise of a sunrise in the making, for surely (as Annie sings) the sun will come out tomorrow.

And, it did on this sunshine Sunday!

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January 8, 2015

Dance to Music of Sunshine

I have this serene little spot in my yard that I often sit, with my dog after a walk or while reading. Sometimes I just gaze at the shadow play on the fence as the sunshine dances to the sound of the music of the wind whispering through the old Florida oak trees and the figs and the ferns.

Today I smiled as my sun garden stakes became the shadows dancing on the wall of the fence. The wind whistled through the trees and the spinners and chimes hanging on the branches.

And I danced!

I do believe someone was watching but I danced to the tune of my own spirit ... Sol. Actually, my dog was watching and I am sure he thought I had totally lost my sanity, ha!

Here is a picture I took of my little sunshine serenity dance on the fence.

Here is a postcard I created from the photo using my Corel Paint Shop Pro graphics program.

Sunshine Dance Postcards
Sunshine Dance Postcards by abitosunshine
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This postcard creation from my picture satisfies my new year's resolution for today. Read more about my creativity goals HERE.

Now ... Dance!