August 14, 2014

Dog Days of Summer Heat

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As the dog days of summer (early July through early September) and its heat intensity begins to wane, my mood seems to swing out of the present day and into thoughts of the past and the future. The changing weather seems to beckon an answer to the ongoing question of my life, "Where do I wish to be?"

I know I do not wish to be in the present moment, as sadly, on June 30th, I lost my dog Tidbit to old age and the big "C" when Cancer took its toll and took her away from me. I have spent the dog days of this summer mourning the loss of woman's best friend.

In fact, no longer being able to share daily walks on the beach with my girl, I no longer enjoy where I am. I have not walked the neighborhood nor the beach without her. It seems pointless to be here in the Sunshine State of Florida without Tidbit by my side.

Nonetheless, Tidbit's legacy lives on in my article writing online and she shall be ever-present in future writings. 

As for me, I know not what my future holds in store, maybe another moving adventure, maybe not. I can assure you of one thing, though ... I will not be without a dog by my side for long!

I am a dog lover and I will sure keep you posted on the future dog walks in my life. In the meantime, let us enjoy what is left of the dog days of summer and the gifts the present holds for us all.


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