June 29, 2013

Showers and Thunderstorms

This past week has been a wonderful one with my roommate's brother and wife coming for a visit. They camped right on the Gulf of Mexico just a couple of blocks from our home. Yes, they had a relaxing time and so did I as I got to know them while sitting outside their lovely Greyhawk motorhome. We only got drenched once, although we did get a short shower nearly every day during their visit.

Tom and Markie are now safely back home in Georgia and here I sit with Tidbit nestled nearby just in case she feels the need to hide beneath the desk, again. Yes, Friday was a morning of...

Thunder Shower Rumblings and Dog Grumblings

Funny thing that one of our conversations was about how dogs grumble when the sky rumbles. Markie suggested I get a Thundershirt for Tidbit and explained they really do work! I just might have to get the old girl one to wear now that we live in Florida and seem to have quite a few rumbles from Mother Nature.

If you have a dog...

Does your dog wear a Thundershirt?

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June 1, 2013

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Who's the prettiest of them all?
Who knows? They look the same!

Duplicate content dilutes an important message.


Those unwilling to click a link
To view or read your work
Do not care about it anyway.

Publish once and share the link!

Put Simply ... Publish a personal opinion piece on a writing forum. Then share the link to the article on social sites or in a blog post, not a duplicated publication of the same story.

This is especially important if you are publishing on a platform which pays for content. It is considered duplicate content (and generally against the Terms Of Service of the site) if the story is posted elsewhere. (This includes Facebook!)

Think about it ... No matter how much you want to support a friend or peer and no matter how much you enjoy their storytelling ... Do you want to read the same old story (over and over again) posted everywhere you visit them?

Would you like to read my latest personal opinion piece about Seth? (And yes, I do earn from your views, likes, and comments on the article.)

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