December 20, 2013

After Christmas Shopping in abitosunshine

The hustle and bustle of Christmas is nearly over and a lot of us are receiving gift cards as presents. Where will we do our after-the-holidays shopping?

Shop abitosunshine!

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Ruthi aka abitosunshine

December 18, 2013

Christmas Kitchen

With Christmas but a week away I have decided I better get my decorating done today. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas around here, even in the kitchen. It is my plan to get all things seasonal done before the day is done, Ha!

Living in the Sunshine State of Florida does make for a bit of a difference in the decorations. Since this is our first Christmas here we decided to add a palm tree for the occasion and I could think of no better tree topper than my Baby Squid from my pal Wednesday Elf at Coastal Crochet Crafts.

Now, I must admit I am not the Kitchen Queen, so for a bit of my kitchen fun you might enjoy reading about me whipping up a bit of Zabaglione for the first time: Yes, I stepped out of my comfort zone and into the kitchen and I had a jolly good time!

So this was supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday post, but I see I have been a bit wordy as usual, but that's alright, I'm still linking up with Abracabadra for the blog hop!

December 14, 2013

Santa Not Delivering Gifts in Christmas Boat

I was so looking forward to my plans this evening to attend Holiday on the Harbor here in my hometown of Carrabelle, Florida, along the Gulf of Mexico. However, Santa Delivering Gifts in Christmas Boat will not be happening today!

Plans Change Along With Weather Report

Carrabelle Chamber of Commerce says:

"Just got another report in and the front is moving North Eastward with solid rain through midnight and wind gusts could be up to 50 miles an hour. We are making the decision for safety reasons for the boats/crew and visitors. The Parade is rescheduled for tomorrow-Sunday at 6:30 pm. The weather looks fine for tomorrow. Please spread the word. We will keep you updated with info. We apologize and are sorry for the inconvenience to anyone, but safety comes first."

Carrabelle Florida Christmas Boat Parade Rescheduled

"The Fireworks will be a go for tomorrow night (Sunday) after the Boat Parade! Holiday on the Harbor will start at 5 pm on Marine Street and the Boat Parade will start around 6:30 on the River!"

Dreary Wet Outside My Front Door

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December 11, 2013

Soak Up Sunshine

She let me know she was ready to go for an afternoon stroll so I quickly set my computer to defrag, figuring it could use a clean-up while not in use. Always multi-tasking!

I opened the front door and out we went, my dog Tidbit and I. She sniffed her way to the edge of the front lawn, stopped for a wee tinkle, then pulled me across the street in a frenzy.

To my surprise, Plop! she went to the ground, situating herself just as happy as could be--to just be soaking up a bit o' sunshine!

I snapped a few pictures of her and a few of the trees in the wood-fenced vacant lot. I headed back across the street to the house, glanced around, and sure enough she was quick to follow.

I guess my old girl just needed her daily dose of Vitamin D!

Click HERE to enjoy another walk with Tidbit.
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December 4, 2013

Illumination in Haiku

My pal Susan enlightened me on the Wordless Wednesday blog hop hosted by Abracabadra so I decided to begin hopping along. Illumination is my first image offering; although, I could not resist the addition of words in Haiku.

December 3, 2013

Public Domain Pictures Worth 100 Cups Of Coffee

How much is my picture in the public domain worth? Time and premium downloads will tell!

I now embark on a new journey online; this time, sharing my images on the website. I have been utilizing Public Domain on my blogs, creations, and article writings for well over a decade now. And yes, I have bought a cup of coffee or two for a few of my most-used authors of images.

While I am not a photographer and have only a cell phone camera as my lens, I am confident that someone out there in cyberspace shall enjoy my images of life and the views of which I have been graced. It is time to give back to the community that has given so graciously of their photographic creativity to me.

My first entry to the site, and to the public domain, shares a favorite place just a block away from my home here in Lanark Village of Carrabelle, Florida. Enjoy this sunset view and a few others, too, with more to come from Author Ruth Cox on


Of course I have high hopes an image of mine finds its way onto one of the monthly competition winning lists - Anywhere between the $20 to $100 wins would suit me just fine!

Whether a photo of mine wins or not is determined by the number of Premium Downloads by page visitors. Even if my photos do not win the competition dollars, I can still earn a few cents from premium downloads. And yes, somebody just might buy me a cup of coffee!

November 29, 2013

Melancholy Turns Joyous Thanksgiving Day

Happy belated Thanksgiving! And this Joy Solar Powered Garden Word Art states perfectly how my day turned out to be. It was filled with joy!

The spirit of thanksgiving is a year-round thing so every day is a day for giving thanks. That said, I could not wait to share with my readers how my melancholy day turned into a joyous occasion.

I began my favorite holiday with an attitude of gratitude; however, melancholy thoughts seeped in, as they often do this time of year. I did what I do best when this happens, I began writing my thoughts and feelings down - the result quite cathartic and the end result joyous!

You can read about the purging of my emotions of the day and see the face of my joy right here and add your own thoughts of the day in the page comments if you wish: Give Thanks

I give thanks to my pal Marsha for the opportunity to be linking my Joyous Thanksgiving post up with the blog hop she hosts - HOP and SQUIDOO - where Squidoo writers share their blogging that pertains to their Squidoo publications. Join Squidoo and blog hop along with us!

November 23, 2013

Blessedness of Being a Thankful Soul

It is that time of year again when on the fourth Thursday in November citizens of the USA celebrate Thanksgiving day. It matters not whether you are an American or whether you participate in the traditional festivities of the holiday. What matters most lies in the blessedness of being a thankful soul - learning The Secret of Saying Thanks.

In the spirit of giving thanks, every day, I share the blessing of one of my life lessons with you and I trust you shall accept the gift of its telling and share it with a grateful heart ... Click on the six words to follow.

Thanksgiving is all about the Peaches!

After reading my mom's giving thanks story, shared in her peach pie recipe, I urge you to give pause in giving thanks and publish a thankful writing or blog post of your own. When you do so, you are more than welcome to share the link to your story on the Giving Thanks Link-Up List at the end of this article.

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November 20, 2013

How To Search and Earn with Swagbucks

There are numerous ways to earn through the Swagbucks rewards program. I will share with you how I have been earning an easy twenty-five to fifty dollars per month for years in a few moments per day! (By the way, I have personal friends who earn much more by doing other things to earn that I do not do that are available to you.)

There are numerous ways to earn through the Swagbucks rewards program. I will share with you how I have been earning an easy twenty-five to fifty dollars per month for years!

Ways I Participate on Swagbucks to Increase Earnings

  • SEARCH and EARN by downloading and using the Swagbucks TOOLBAR for all of my internet searches.
  • SWAG BUCKS are awarded for participating in the daily POLL.
  • EARN for viewing the daily NOSOs (No Obligation Special Offers).
  • SWAG BUCKS are awarded for watching SBTV videos.
  • PRINT and earn 10 swag bucks for shopping with Swagbucks COUPONS.
  • Buy Now from and earn Swagbucks doing so!
  • INVITE friends and earn 10 percent of their swag bucks for life.
  • FOLLOW Swagbucks on Facebook for special CODES and alerts to redeem for points.


November 16, 2013

Autumn Pairing in Haiku

My dog Tidbit and I generally take a walk to the beach at least once a day. Alas, this past week or so, my furry friend has been feeling the autumn of her years, much like I do on occasion.

Our walk on this cool day in fall was short but sweet, staying within a block of home. We stopped for a moment to visit with a lone dove perched on a fence. As we continued to walk, my mind held thoughts of that lonely bird and I could not help but wonder if sighting of the feathery one all alone was an omen of my life to come without my furry best friend.

Toward our wandering end the dove was gone, sadly so. Then I heard the cooing sound from above. I glanced up and mine eyes took in a pairing of feathered friends winged together on a wire. I was inspired by this autumn view and share it now in dove haiku.

Found friend winged on a wire.

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November 14, 2013

Hooked on Crochet Friends

Yes, I am hooked on crochet friends and want to share a couple of them with you. Of course, I met both of these gals through the community of Squidoo. Thus, today I will be linking this blog post up with HOP and SQUIDOO over at Marsha's Spot.

And, I must add, Marsha crochets too! You will not want o miss Marsha's toothbrush rugs!

Years ago I was crochet crazed too, but then along came my first computer and I was hooked into a whole new world that consumed so much of my time that I no longer had time for yarn crafts as I was busy sharing my poetry and writings with the world wide web. Along came publishing my articles on Squidoo and there is where I met writers who were writing about their crochet craft too!

A squid being the symbol of the Squidoo writing platform, I decided to purchase myself what I call a "baby squid" from a gal who calls herself Wednesday Elf. How cute! I discovered her crochet pattern for a baby octopus and was happy to find that she sells them too! Sweet, I could have a baby squid and wouldn't have to interrupt my writing to make time to crochet it for myself!

I have now purchased three of these octopus creations from Elf's Etsy shop, Coastal Crochet Crafts. You can see my collection and read all about them right here at All Squids On Deck!

This past week I published an article about a wonderful gift from my friend LisaAuch on Squidoo.

Lisa presented me with the gift of a sunflower and together we share the pattern of the flower of the sun with you so you can crochet yourself or a friend a bit of sunshine too!

And now, I am once again hooked on crochet and have my yarn stash out and plan to begin crocheting myself some holiday decorations! Not to worry, this will not interfere (much) with my writing.

Are you hooked on crochet or other crafty endeavors?

November 9, 2013

I Do Love Fall

Florida sunshine is a welcome change.
I miss crunching colorful autumn leaves!

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November 7, 2013

Hop and Squidoo Blog Hop is Back

I was delighted to read that Marsha's Spot has brought back the Hop and Squidoo for Squidoo lensmasters to share article writing input and lens links in a blog hop! This gives me good reason to blog today, hooray!

FYI: A "lens" is an article, nothing more and nothing less. It's just what we lensmasters (writers on Squidoo) call them.

Yes, I am proud to say I am a writer on the Squidoo platform! If you are, too, I hope you blog with us and link up each week. If you are not yet writing on Squidoo, sign up right here with my referral link.

You will find this week's Hop and Squidoo return post by Marsha talks about the new format for articles on Squidoo. Personally, I am loving the new formats as they are rolled out, for several reasons:
  • I find it much easier to stay on topic with the guidance provided by Squidoo.
  • The articles are short and sweet in appearance and to the point.
  • I enjoy being able to add my own background images to the page.
  • My affiliate sales, percentage-wise, seem to be better with the new format than with the way of making lenses in the past.

Just this past week I published a recipe lens with the new format. Ohio State Buckeyes and fans will not want to miss my delicious Peanut Butter and Chocolate Candy Recipe.

Go Bucks!

November 2, 2013

One Month to Love

I have plans to read the book, One Month to Love, beginning December 1st. Might you read along with me to improve the important relationships in your life?



Read my rave review and recommendation:

One Month to Love Book Challenge

Love Relationships are Sometimes a Struggle

Loving one another does not always come easy. Some of our most important relationships can often be a struggle. My relationship with my son is like that, as you will read in my review. I hope by accepting the challenge set forth in One Month to Love to repair that relationship, as well as learn another approach at maintaining connections with all those whom I love.

Do you have...

A Relationship in Need of Repair?

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November 1, 2013

Praying Mantis as Prophet of Thanksgiving

Here it is November, once again, the month of thanksgiving. I can not help but have a spirit of Thanksgiving (my favorite holiday) in my heart throughout the month each year when it rolls around.

Naturally, in my mood of giving thanks in November, I have created a postcard of thanksgiving to send to family members and to friends. In my choice of graphic images for my card this year I have chosen a gift from Mother Nature - Praying Mantis - the Prophet of the Greeks, with human-like arms folding in prayer.

Get your postcards printing from zazzle

To whom might you send this postcard of thanksgiving?

And what might your message be?


October 26, 2013

Joyous Friendships and Memories Last Forever

This weekend I reminisce friendship past and present. Joyous memories of the past are on my mind with the passing of a dear friend. Thankfully, I also celebrate the joy of living friendship as I await the arrival of a visit from my friend and boss lady from whence I moved.


Read a bit about my friend:

Joys That Last

Jenny from Ohio is arriving tomorrow!

And I am ever so excited!

Naturally, today I am sharing my joyous friendships by linking up with the blog hop:

October 12, 2013

Faith, Hope, Love, and Sunshine

Faith, hope, love, and sunshine...

The greatest of these is Sunshine!


Take the Humorous Christian Tees Poll!

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September 28, 2013

Summer Sunflower Butterfly Away

My homegrown sunflowers and their seeds have blown the way of the wind. There seem to be less butterflies flying by, too. Summer ends, as all things do, but there is hope for a repeat once again, next year, for all to reappear.

Flight Of Sunflower Butterfly Postcards
Flight Of Sunflower Butterfly Postcards by abitosunshine
Check out other Sunflower Postcards at

Sunflowers have grown, seeds long gone
Butterflies have flown, wings move on
Sunflower butterfly away, reappear another year.
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