September 8, 2011

DearFoam Slippers Winner

I wish to thank Networking Witches for hosting the DearFoam Slippers giveaway -- I am a WINNER!

colorblock clog

Just in time for cool weather and a winner to warm my tootsies!

I love giveaways!

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September 1, 2011

If you saw money in the middle of the street, would you go pick it up?

Imagine you're walking along, nearing the end of your daily ten-minute walk. You glance to your right and see money - green - bills blowing around in the middle of the street. Would you brave the traffic to get to those bills? Would you pick them up, pocket them, and later spend that newfound green? Would you take a walk tomorrow in hopes of finding another bill or two or three? Would you invite a friend or two or more to join you on your daily walk?

I would!

Imagine me telling you where and how to find a few bills just as simply. I did not say easily, I said simply. Yes, you may have to dodge a bit of traffic congestion, it may be a single green instead of a five or ten of green; but, it is there for the taking and the making, if you're willing to go out there and do what it takes to make it.

And, remember, if you take that ten-minute walk every day, a single green becomes several single greens, and so forth. If you take a friend along with you on your daily walk, you both find more green!

Making money online is that simple. It's extra money earned by spending a little bit of time each day doing what it takes to earn the cash and/or prizes. And the best part is sharing the money making opportunity with others -- everybody wins, everybody earns!

A Point to Ponder: When a friend invites you along and you accept -- you are not just "supporting your friend" -- your friend is also supporting YOU by inviting you! It's a people helping people opportunity for the both of you.

For your information, I found three five dollar bills in my daily walks in August. And this was just the beginning of my taking a walk each day.

Where did this walk take me? Straight to the SuperPoints Network!

Once you receive my invitation, just accept the invite by signing up, then you'll receive a confirmation email. Once you receive your confirmation link, fill out your Basic Information on your member profile.

NOTE: You MUST validate your email and complete your basic information on your profile to earn superpoints.

You will then have access to 30 daily clicks on the SuperLucky Button at Superpoints! To increase your number of daily clicks, invite friends. As you refer friends to Superpoints, you increase your random point clicks and earnings.

There are many reward prizes available, gift cards and my personal favorite: PayPal cash! Example:

  • 500 superpoints equals $5 via PayPal
  • 1,000 superpoints equals $10 via PayPal
  • 2,500 superpoints equals $25 via PayPal

Joining SuperPoints is by invitation only, and, invites are good for only 1 person. Here's an invitation for you to accept ASAP (before another friend beats you to it!):

Please leave a comment if you accept the invite so I can insert a new one for others. Thank you!