February 25, 2011

Sunshine Blessings

Along with my blessing of sunshine comes a couple of other things...

First, a special Thank you! to a special Gather Friend (you know who you are) for a private "I Miss You" message.

I've been extremely busy, online and offline. I am writing and creating, just spreading it around a bit at many different venues, (again, online and offline). My newest online forum is Squidoo, where I have high hopes of earning an income one day, as well as creating for charity!

I've also spent the last few weeks job hunting again, since there have actually been job listings in our area for a change. With that, I'm happy to announce that...

I am no longer among the unemployed!

As of Monday morning at 6 am my schedule will be quite different and will take some serious getting used to. I am not a morning person! And I'll be a breakfast server at a family-style restaurant. Nothing glamorous, but it is work and I'll be feeling much more useful; being unemployed has not been good for my sense of self-worth.

I'm also spending a lot of time at the nursing home with my aunt. But, she may be going home next week. She'd just a couple weeks ago been moved from the therapy section of the home to the long-term section, but Aunt Martha Bell has decided she wants to go home.

For me, this means I'll be leaving work and heading to her place for a few hours. So, I may not be online as much for awhile. And when I am, I'll be concentrating on being as productive as I can be, need to be, for me.

As for today, I have a few errands to run, however, with a nasty winter storm arriving overnight that dropped rain and ice and now is dropping snow, I may just stay home today. I need the rest and I'd like to do some serious catching up online.

February 21, 2011

Swagbucks Happy Birthday Bonus


Now through February 28th, enter this code -- BirthdayFun -- when you sign up at Swagbucks. You'll get an extra 25 swagbucks on top of your 30 for signup! And here's my referral link to get you started: http://www.swagbucks.com/refer/abitosunshine

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Now, don't forget... use the code BirthdayFun when you sign up at Swagbucks. And be sure to watch your email for your verification instructions from Swagbucks to make your registration official.

Whether you sign up as my referral or with another friend, I wish you success in Swagbucks search and earn program.

February 9, 2011

Wave the White far Away

It's time for the Catch A Wave Wednesday blog hop hosted by Cindy of Blogging Hints. I'm hoping by riding the Waves for a bit that I can wave all this winter white fluff on the ground to a faraway place!

I really appreciate Cindy hosting Catch a Wave Wednesday. I've met and made a few good blog friends through this blog hop and I always look forward to hopping around to wave to new bloggers each week. So ... Thank you, Cindy!

Cindy featured Riding the Roller Coaster this week, so I stopped by and waved to her. She's got a Battle of the Baggage being fought on the homefront, so I signed up to follow her, as I wouldn't want to miss who ends up packing, er, unpacking!

And now I'm headed to ride a few Waves! See you next week!