October 20, 2010

I'm A Grandmother!

Thirty-eight suns ago, life chose to give me a bundle of sunshine when I birthed my only child, my son William -- Billy, to me, to this day. (Unless I'm in the official Mother role, and then it's William!) Nothing could have prepared me for the instant love I would hold in my arms, in every ounce of my being. It is a forever love, a no matter what kind of love.

Yesterday, life chose to give my son a bundle of sunshine when his gal birthed him a son, Liam. As Billy says, "He's the second half of William." Billy and Christina did good, life blessed them with a healthy bundle of boy joy.
Today on the phone with my son, he described how he felt when his child was born: It's instant love. He got it right!

Life isn't always perfect, but a new baby feeling is as close to perfect as it gets. And I'm blessed to have shared this day with my son -- a day of perfection, as close as a day can be.

Holding my son's child for the first time was pure joy. It also reminded me of something my mother had said when my Billy, her first grandchild, was born: I hope he gives you back tenfold what you've given me!

I have to tell you that this nagged me from the moment she said it, right up until yesterday. You see, I was far from the perfect daughter and I really thought in her statement she was wishing a whole lot of pain on me, as I know I'd done a lot of things which had caused my mother pain.

My mother also referred to my Billy as her Miracle Baby and she made sure to shout it to the world. I never fully understood -- until yesterday, when I held my first grandchild.

Yesterday, as I held this new bundle of joy, I received the miracle of life and love, tenfold. Life has blessed me with a whole lot of sunshine. And I could wish for nothing more at this moment in time.

I welcome Liam Anthony to my world!