June 30, 2010

Pillow Fight for a Cause

First, my Creative Bio:

Born and bred unto the pain of poverty and abuse, Ruth Cox (aka abitosunshine) often shares the darkest days of her life in her poetry and prose. Her poetic creations are inspired by her desire to be a voice for the victims of such demons and hopes that in so doing, the cries of the victims shall be heard.

Cox believes "a bit o' sunshine can always be found peekin' out o' the clouds" and has spent a lifetime spreading "nuttin' but sunshine" with her "sun-bespeckled ink." She now does same with her poetic creations which can be purchased at CafePress abitosunshine!


This, one of many decorator pillows to be created and offered by CafePress abitosunshine, is dedicated to my friend, Kevin and to the creation of his Gather Group, Windmill Fighters United. Here is Kevin's group description:

"For anyone who has the courage to fight for lost causes even when no one else will join them. For those who fight battles they know are lost before they fight them not because they have a chance to win them but because it's the right thing to do. This is a support group to encourage the windmill fighters to keep fighting because the world needs windmill fighters so badly. This is a group to give a shoulder and an ear for those brave enough to wear the mantle of windmill fighter."

I trust that you will Join Gather.com, Befriend Kevin, and immediately Join Windmill Fighters United, in support and encouragement of all windmills worth fighting.

This pillow is designed with matching mugs personalized with your name. So be sure to let me know before you place an order what name you wish placed on your mug.

I will be adding an array of designs to my Pillow Fight for a Cause collection and all will be available for purchase at CafePress abitosunshine! If you have a cause that is near and dear to your heart and would like me to design a decorator pillow & poem to reflect that cause, please let me know, and I'll be happy to attempt to do so.

Now, let's fight with all our might -- I've tossed the first pillow!