August 10, 2017

Back to School Sale with Swagbucks

In case you do not already know (and for my readers who do, abitosunshine is here to remind you) I earn additional income by participating in the online loyalty rewards program called Swagbucks, wherein I earn SB points which are redeemable for gift cards, PayPal cash, or other rewards.

Now through September 8th you will get double cash back (in the form of SB points) or more when you shop for Back to School essentials at your favorite retailers through Swagbucks. They also have offers where you can earn SB points towards free gift cards for trying school-related products and services. Then you can take all the SB points you earn and use them to get gift cards and PayPal cash!

Back to School Sale with Swagbucks

Click here to see all of the deals they're running, and if you sign up through me during this sale you'll get $10 for making your first purchase! That's in addition to the normal SB you get for your purchases.

How To Earn Swagbucks SB Points

  • Search and Earn with the Swagbucks search engine instead of that other googly guy!
  • Refer and Earn - Share your personal Swagbucks referral link with friends and family; you and your referrals earn together!
  • Watch SBTV - a treasure trove of specially selected videos and sponsored videos for your viewing (and earning) pleasure.
  • Daily Poll, daily discover, and several other daily tasks on your Swagbucks to-do list that will earn you SB bonuses.
  • Attempt and complete Gold Surveys
  • Play Games and earn while having a bit of fun!
  • Shop your favorite places, such as Amazon, Walmart, Payless, and even local deals.
  • Search the Swagbucks website daily for featured ways to earn!

Now, I am an old fuddy-duddy and use my desktop computer for all online things, but you can use a laptop, tablet, or even your cell phone to earn through Swagbucks.

So, what are you waiting for?

Note: If you miss the September 8th back to school sign-up special, you can still join Swagbucks through me by using my referral link for the site.

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March 27, 2016

Happy Easter Morning Sidewalk Sunshine

Just a block from home on our Easter morning walk my dog Valentino and I were delighted to find a bit of unexpected sunshine. This sun made a great beginning for a Happy Easter!

What a sweet surprise to find the child who lives in the house on the corner had painted a giant sun with sidewalk chalk and the happy phrase, "You are my sunshine!"

You are my sunshine dog, Valentino
Valentino and I found a bit o' sunshine on our Easter morning walk.

And yes, hours later, I am still singing that song in my head and with a smile upon my face. With a bit of sidewalk chalk, what might you paint on the walkway to your home for passersby to find?

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March 17, 2016

Saint Patrick's Day Lucky Charms

Street walking with my dog today I simply had no time to search for a four leaf clover while keeping up with him. However, I was delighted to find four lucky charms of another kind ... dandelions ... St. Patrick's Day sprinkles of sunshine!

Happy St. Patrick's Day by abitosunshine
Happy St. Patrick's Day by abitosunshine

Was the luck of the Irish with you on this Saint Patrick's Day?

Disclosure: Ruth Cox is an associate of Zazzle and may earn via purchases made through links in this article.